Secondary Classes

Secondary Education

The Curriculum prescribed strives to

  • > Keep pace with the 21st century and the global trends in various disciplines.
  • > Provide ample scope for physical, intellectual and social development of students.
  • > Nurture Life-Skills by prescribing curricular and co-curricular activities to help improve self-esteem, empathy towards others and different cultures etc.
  • > Promote inclusivity by providing equal opportunities to all students.
  • > Equally emphasize Co-scholastic areas of Work Education, Art Education and Health and Physical Education.

Objectives of the Curriculum

  • > enhance self-awareness and explore innate potential;
  • > promote capabilities related to goal setting, decision making .
  • > develop thinking skills, problem solving and creativity
  • > nurture communication and interpersonal skills;
  • > inculcate values, foster cultural learning and international understanding in an interdependent society.
  • > acquire the ability to utilize technology and information for the betterment of humankind;
  • > strengthen knowledge and attitude related to livelihood skills;
  • > develop the ability to appreciate art and showcase talents;
  • > promote physical fitness, health and well-being.