Primary Classes

Primary Education

(Grade III, Grade IV, Grade V)

A holistic approach:

  • > The school follows a holistic educational programme wherein the students are encouraged not only tolearn their academics but also to be good citizens of the nation and to grow as independent and self sufficient individuals.
  • > Teachers act as guides and facilitators and help students to explore and discover their potential and strengths.
  • > Children also learn through a number of informal methods of teaching like project works, presentations, research work and so on.
  • > Students also get opportunities to experience exciting ways of learning like field trips, educational tours which are planned for specific purposes.
  • > Children participate in all kinds of programmes, competitions and other co-curricular activities held round the year and thus are able to show their talents and give out their best.
  • > The evaluation system in our primary level is such that each every child feels capable and positive and is encouraged to perform better in academic as well as non academic areas.