Pre-Primary Classes

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Pre-Primary Education

(Nursery, Jr. KG, Sr. KG, Grade I, Grade II)

In order to make learning both enjoyable and meaningful, We:

  • > Nurtures the child's love of learning and fosters the boundless curiosity that comes naturally at this young age
  • > Incorporates modern ways of teaching in class such as interactive learning, group studies, playful learning etc. so as to see that learning becomes a fun activity.
  • > Embraces the best teaching methods in order to develop skills like listening, concentration andcommunication by way of individual and group activities and to develop the 3 R's as the essence of their personality.
  • > Develops a lively curiosity, eccentricity and ability amongst the little buddies to absorb and apply knowledge in his day to day activities in school as well as at home.
  • > Provides for a learning environment that encourages children to look at multiple perspectives and develop an ability and attitude to solve their own problems as well as that of the global community as they grow into responsible citizens.
  • > Organises outdoor study programmes like field trips, picnics, etc. to boost children's interest