Diti Foundation Trust
CBSE Affiliation No. 430282
At Rata, Via-koparli Road Ta. Vapi,Dist.Valsad-396 191(Gujarat) India
M: +91 9638061616 Email: samarpangyan@gmail.com. www.sgsvapi.org


Co-Curricular Activities

  • The curriculum at SGS is designed in such a manner that extra- curricular activities are an intrinsic part of the school curriculum as these activities would imbibe in them the qualities of team spirit, tolerance, flexibility and appreciation for others, thereby enriching and building the childs character
  • SGS believes in a balanced and overall growth of a child. Different types of activities are thus an indispensable part of our curriculum.
  • Physical activities include all kinds of outdoor and indoor sports and karate as an integral part of their curriculum which helps them not only in their physical growth but also helps inculcating the virtue of sportsmanship amongst them.
  • We inspire and train them to think critically so that they grow up into responsible decision makers and problem solvers.
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District level karate champs
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Embracing yoga for peace
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Kite making on Uttarayan
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Shloka recitation
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SFG workshop for students by International trainer Mrs Rekha Shah
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