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Invoking Compliments From The Chairperson

Almost a year has passed when we laid down the foundation of our school Samarpan Gnyan. It is rather satisfying to see that most of the critical issues that aroused during the process are now resolved.

The beautiful ambiance, appropriate infrastructure, updated and modern amenities and the splendor of its building design are adequate reasons to attract people to seek admissions for their wards.

I would however like to state that the grace and beauty of an institution does not lie in its outward appearance alone but is inbuilt in the making of its fabric. The strengths and capabilities of the men and material used in its formation play a vital role in molding it and giving it a desirable shape. Aproficient staff headed by a resourceful management has been the core of the success of my institution.

I would also like to refer to the safe and efficient transport facility that my school provides. I feel pleased to say that we extend this facility even to those who reside in the most remote areas of Vapi.

I would like to thank all those whose efforts have helped me in making this endeavor a success with a special reference to my husband Mr. Mukesh Patel who stood by me, day in and day out and helped me accomplish this arduous task. Without his constant and continues support I would never have been as successful as I am today.

Hinaben M Patel
Samarpan Gnyan School
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