Diti Foundation Trust
CBSE Affiliation No. 430282
At Rata, Via-koparli Road Ta. Vapi,Dist.Valsad-396 191(Gujarat) India
M: +91 9638061616 Email: samarpangyan@gmail.com. www.sgsvapi.org


  • The SGS school campus thrives with greenery and fresh air. The infrastructure are of a high order with all kinds of facilities like playing areas for our tiny tots, sufficient space for all kinds of sports activities, well equipped laboratories and library and well designed and imaginatively planned interiors. The infrastructure is generously and carefully planned so as to provide for safety and security of our children wherever they are – either inside or outside their classrooms.
  • The classrooms are well ventilated and spacious to enable the children to execute all kinds of activities in the class. The furniture is safe and free of all kinds of toxic paints or polishes and is customized to the needs of the children at different levels.
  • We follow the 4 ‘R s’ essential in a class room set up- Read, Record, Remove and Replace. This helps us keep our students and staff innovative and dynamic and makes the environment vivacious and radiant to encourage our students to become active participants in the learning process.
  • The school provides pure and safe drinking water for children as well as the staff since we believe that a healthy body carries a healthy mind.
  • A school garden is a wonderful place to reconnect students with the natural world. It also provides opportunities to teachers to teach children by way of ‘learning by doing’ methodology. The children get a firsthand experience with the techniques of gardening and agriculture. Values like community welfare and belongingness are also inculcated in them.
  • The school building provides for a physically safe haven for students and staff. It is well-organized in order to facilitate communication and safe exit during emergencies.
  • Safety being our first priority, our school campus is under surveillance with CCTV cameras and all our exit and entry points are monitored so that we are enabled to shield ourselves from being harmed by any kind of intruders or any such other happenings.